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Equipment of Car Fleets

Do you maintain a large car fleet? If so, FISCON can help you save costs. Instead of buying expensive OEM handsfree kits each time a new car is added, you should transition FISCON Bluetooth handsfree kits from departing vehicles into the new cars. The installation is very easy as it is Plug & Play behind the radio or navigation system.

You will stay up-to-date, as FISCON handsfree kits are under constant development, continuously adding more cellphones and vehicles to the integrated list. If you change to another vehicle manufacturer or navigation system, it is likely that we can update your firmware accordingly. Availability of spare parts like harnesses helps you to keep using the FISCON handsfree even if the connectors do not match the new car. This way, you can enhance the life time of your system and use it for many generations of your fleet.

XXXXXX Ein weiterer Vorteil bei Nutzung einer FISCON Freisprecheinrichtung im Vergleich zur serienmäßigen Freisprecheinrichtung ist der rechnerisch niedrigere Listenpreis des Fahrzeugs der bei der Privatversteuerung zugrundegelegt wird. Sie sparen Steuern, müssen im Hinblick auf den Funktionsumfang nicht verzichten und haben wegen der vollen Integration in die Fahrzeugelektronik keine offensichtliche Nachrüstlösung die auf externe Bedieneinheiten angewiesen sind.

We take special care for the installation and maintenance of bigger car fleets on site. Rentals, taxi companies, government agencies and companies with a high number of fleet vehicles are all our customers. Maybe your company too? Please contact us and we will discuss finding a suitable match for your specific needs.