• Audi - Platform MQB from 2013 Multifunction Steering Wheel
    Operation from the Multifunction Steering Wheel
  •  Stalk
    Operation from the Stalk
  • FISCON Quadlock Cable Harness
    FISCON Harness
  • VW Mikrophone
    Microphone for invisible installation into the dome light.

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FISCON Low for Audi - Platform MQB from 2013

Description of Functionality

Later cars of the brand Audi do not allow to retrofit a fully integrated handsfree which can be operated from radio or the FIS display. However, you don´t need to do without a Bluetooth handsfree, FISCON Low (MQB) provides the integration of basic functions with voice control or operation from the phone.

With a FISCON Bluetooth handsfree for Audi, your car allows for these functions:

Vehicle Integration
Accept and terminate a call with the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.
All other operations have to be made from the phone. We recommend a phone holder.
Voice output through the vehicle speakers. With distinguished sound quality, no installation of additional speakers is necessary.
Usage of the ring-tone of the cellphone*1 on the vehicle speakers.
All original functions of the vehicle remain unaffected.
Optional microphone available, exactly matching to the OEM position in the dome light of many cars. Enables completely invisible installation.
*1 If supported by the cellphone.
Phone Functions
Up to 5 cellphones can be paired.
Voice dialling by using the integrated phone functionality. *1
Digital sound processor with echo and noise depression.
Adjustable microphone amplification (to 30db) to optimize voice quality.
*1 If supported by the cellphone.
A2DP audiostream via Bluetooth, for playing music stored in the cellphone on the vehicle sound system in Mono quality.*1
*1 A2DP must be supported by the cellphone.
Hardware, Installation, Maintenance
Option for software updates.
Updates for phone compatibility can be installed via bluetooth with a Windows Notebook or Android Device.
Standby power consumption is under 0,1mA (<0,0012W) at 12V.
ODB2 diagnostic with e.g. VCDS or VAS possible. It shows informations like software levels and product version. If required a factory reset can be done.
The installation does not cause any records in the error-log of the car.

Car Compatibility

FISCON Basic handsfree kits for Audi are compatible with these cars and radios:

Audi A3 (8V)
Audi TT (8S)
Infotainment System
Audi Radio
MMI Radio

For the activation of the system, a coding dongle is required in addition. It automatically makes the settings of the car. It is not required to visit a workshop.

We recommend the optional microphone for invisible installation into the dome light (36338-2). Please choose in our shop which microphone has to be in the package.

Which Microphone do I need?

Recommended Accessory

With these products you can ease the installation:

Cable Installation Guide
Install the microphone cable behind panels without removing them.
Trim Removal Tools
Useful tools for disassembly of parts without damages.
Coding Dongle
Required to activate the system. No visit at a workshop required.